Our services

Our services

From AICO, always using the latest technology and the best brands, guaranteeing an impeccable technical invoice for any type of event, whether it is held in a meeting room, an auditorium or an open space.

Aico offers a wide variety of technological services to enhance your event.
Recording and post-production
Simultaneous translation
design Branding
Motion Graphics
Digital printing
Stand Design
Furniture Bedouin


We have a stock of technical material that is constantly being renewed.

Our technology inspires and allows us to create experiences that exceed any expectation

At AICO, always using the latest technology and the best brands, we guarantee optimum sound quality for any type of event, whether it is held in a meeting room, an auditorium or an open space. We have microphones, sound tables, recorders, equalizers, press racks... In addition to the rental of sound equipment, we provide the best professional technicians who advise you at all times, always getting the best performance from the equipment for your event.
We offer the best audiovisual equipment, adapted to the needs of each event, with which to project all types of audiovisual content: videos, images, presentations, computer graphics... We have LEDʼs screens for outdoor 10 mm and indoor 3.8 mm high definition, video walls, LED and TFT plasma screens, projectors... Our LEDʼs screens and our video walls have modules to adapt to any space in your project. In addition, the outdoor LEDʼs screens guarantee perfect vision even with high ambient light.
From AICO we carry out a personalized lighting study, developing each project in a specific way and combining functional and decorative lighting according to the type of event. With a personalized lighting study, we conceive the adequate lighting environment that the project requires to cover all its needs, applying, in addition, efficiency and sustainability criteria.
Recording and Post-production
In addition to recording, thanks to the use of the best editing systems and programs, we offer the creation of professional videos of your events, conferences or conventions, with which, through an efficient and creative editing, we manage to create a unique audiovisual content.
Always working with the maximum security and control measures, we are specialists in the construction of high altitude structures.
Simultaneous Translation
Our digital simultaneous translation service offers triple ISO booths, digital transmitters and analog and digital receivers up to 32 channels, all of which are approved in accordance with current regulations. In addition, the technical part is complete and perfect with a team of translators and interpreters professionals with extensive experience and specialized in different sectors.


Multidisciplinary team

Our 360º approach covers all the production needs of any event.

Our team includes qualified and specialized specialists in each area of the creative process.

Back design and digital printing
Besides the design, we also take care of the production of the different pieces, always selecting the best materials and the best finishes for our customers. We produce canvases of up to 6 meters without cuts, photocalls, roll ups, programs, accreditations, backs...
Along with the 3D recreations the plans are an essential part of any event and in our technical team we have a specialist in Autocad and Reedit. The plans are essential to calculate the capacities and dimensions of the event.
Content Creation and Motion Graphics
Our team has several specialists in 2d content creation to make your presentations come alive. The content shoots live for perfect choreography.
Renders and 3D recreations
Every event starts with a good project and our 3D designers and creatives come together to give you a vision of what your event will be like.
Our team of designers combines techniques of ephemeral architecture with new technologies, always in the highest standard of quality and finishes.
Graphic Design
Following the concept defined for each event and the brand image of each of our clients, we develop all the necessary materials. Photocalls, roll ups, canvases, accreditations, programs, invitations...



We create specialized sets that allow you to connect your brands with your potential customers.

At AICO we transform spaces into experiences that people will never forget

When it comes to executing an Aico project, our carpenters take care of every last detail. They manufacture custom-made furniture to integrate technology and ephemeral architecture.
The setting for a company convention or a private party is the starting point with which to convey the concept previously defined for every event. Our designers develop each project adapting it to the specific message that the client needs to convey with their event. The development and graphic production, our cartoning colour chart and the "Pipe and Drape" system are some of the elements with which we created the setting for your event.
Our team of professional decorators will always offer you appropriate furniture, taking into account the type of event and always looking the ideal combination of design and functionality. We have a wide furniture catalogue: chairs, armchairs, tables, lecterns, counters, exhibitors...
Stand and fair designs
Our team develops ephemeral architecture projects for fairs, from its conceptualization and 3d recreation until its construction and dismantling. Using our creative experience we create a world of experiences and We integrate your brand values by giving your brand presence at trade fairs and exhibitions.
Beduin Tents
Tents Mallorca is the division of GRUPO AICO dedicated to the rental of tents Bedouins. We offer exclusive tents that differ from the traditional model, based on the authentic tents used in the northern desert from Africa. They are able to transform any event by giving it elegance, as well as to adapt to any space thanks to its versatility.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about any of our departments, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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Planning Manager
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